The Economic Backdrop

I recommend reading the PDF “How I clobbered every cash-confiscatory agency known to man” by Mary Elizabeth Croft (link on this page).

In brief she explains the madness that has been going on ever since the United States of America declared bankruptcy in 1933 and through the use of the Central Banks, Legalise, Media, Education system and politics we have all been herded like sheep, in a daze under their hypnotic programming that keeps us all subservient and working for money that the powers that be just print freely.

The whole western world and much of the rest of the world are bankrupt. They are using Fiat currency, which is paper notes, otherwise known as promissory notes, that are backed by nothing in the banks vaults, thus allowing them to print endless amounts into existence to perpetuate their world domination agenda.

They use us, we the people, as collateral to be able to continue printing money ever since the US came off the Gold standard in 1933. We are now the ‘Gold’ which backs the value of every promissory note in existence. They do this by using legal tricks when we are born where they set up a bond and fictional corporate entity, known as your ‘Strawman’, through your birth certificate where a trust is set up and signed for by the Queen (aka The Crown, a corporate entity) to enable us to be under jurisdiction of their legal corporate, commercial contracting system, all controlled by the BAR (British Accredited Registry) which is all governed under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). 

You will see your Strawman as being represented as all CAPITAL letters on licenses, cards and letters addressed to you. That is the give away. Likewise every corporation is addressed in all CAPITALS to define it as such. The trust and the corporate version of yourself, your Strawman, set up at birth, is used to create a bond which is then traded on the markets. It’s value is derived from your lifetime of labour that is believed will be fulfilled as you go through their public fool system and end up getting a job like everyone else and become another cog in the machine that perpetuates their exploitive scheme. They assign a national insurance or social security number to you to keep track of you like a bar-code on products. 

This bond that the banks trade makes them hundreds of millions of promissory notes ( fake money) that is then used to pay for everything that we are taxed for and more. Our tax money is only used to enrich those in power or pay the interest on the perpetual loans the governments take via the central banks (which are all privately owned). What’s more, any tax money going toward bond repayments are those which are maturing that were issued for government expenditure 30 years ago.

The most absurd thing about it, is that we work for next to nothing, pay taxes, repay loans and haven’t the foggiest of what is actually going on, until one does his/her research. It is the single, biggest ponzi scheme that I think has ever existed in the history of mankind. Moreover, you have the banks themselves partaking in whats called fractional reserve lending, which is just another neat trick for them to be able to create money out of thin air from peoples hard earned deposits, to then be loaned back out to make them even more money. See Mike Maloney’s youtube video labelled ‘The Biggest Scam in History of Mankind’.

This system is just a very well thought out and clandestine scheme that has us fooled into thinking we are free, when in reality they trade us and treat us as slaves for their pleasure.

The power hungry, avaricious, evil capitalist system is spearheaded by three main powers; The Crown / The City of London (Queen Elizabeth II the corporation), The Vatican and the District of Colombia – Washington D.C. All sovereign states. The former ruling the finances / corporations / legalise (BAR Council), Vatican – religions and D.C. the military. These three are backed by very powerful families, whose names you have probably heard, like the Rothschilds / Rockerfellers. They are all one and the same with their modus operandi being the use of debt money via the central banks / World Bank / IMF / Nato and banks to control every other institution on the face of the Earth, including us. John Perkins book ‘Confession of an Economic Hitman’ testifies this as he was a loan shark, working for the powers that be, who would lend huge amounts of money to emerging countries for public infrastructure that was set up to default so they can demand their pound of flesh in the form of NATO votes, resource grabs, military bases on their shores etc.

Such is the power of programming and how easy the mind is to influence, groom and manipulate that we have literally formed a kind of subconscious matrix that is supported by our very ignorance which keeps feeding the powers that be even more power over us. Look around you, George Orwell knew exactly what was going on, as the agenda was set in stone when he wrote about the rise of the surveillance state, because, quite literally, they declare their wishes and dreams / agendas right under our nose. Look at the Georgia guidestones. But such is their power and influence on our minds that they have established many distractions and produced a placated society that has people defending the very system that keeps them enslaved as Morpheus alludes to in the Matrix with the quote at the top of the page. That film was trying to tell you something. 

The great thing is, we are slowly, albeit, painfully waking up and seeing the forest for the trees thanks to the internet. I have researched extensively this topic, and it becomes self evident as to what is actually going on. Of course you have the choice to remain ignorant like the masses and live in your own ego bubble with all the comforts promised by the slave system of a 9-5, national security pension and a false sense of importance and purpose through nationalism that has you wearing the very mark of the beast on your forehead declaring you an ignorant moron supporting the dark sorcerers who can only operate their magic on ignorant fools. Sounds damning, but it is the truth, the only thing that can set you free is learning the truth and reclaim your sovereignty by sidestepping this artificial heartless machine like system.

Please, please educate yourself on what is going on, there is more than enough material that I share on this page to get informed and become a knower. You can then use this knowledge to help share with others and proliferate the truth and live a life of peaceful non-compliance, which I am doing, through other means of making money that is way more lucrative and time efficient then their slave jobs they have you programmed to identify yourself with. You are not your job, it doesn’t define you. Only a dead soulless Strawman would claim such pugwash. The only law that applies to you, is the natural law of not infringing on the rights, life, liberty and property of another individual. All the 60 million plus statutes, bye-laws and legislation does not apply to you, it only applies to corporate fictions. Dead entities without a flesh body and soul.

Wake up and face the music, there is a beautiful solution in generating money by simply sharing and inviting people on the path of true wealth creating methods through the act of giving in order to receive. Click the button below to find out how you can sidestep this current system and establish your own sovereignty.

I’ll leave you with an excerpt out of Mary’s PDF ( and note this was written back in 2008, the disparity now would be even bigger): “The Powers-That-Be – the Global Elite The top 1% of the world has the same combined income as the bottom 57%, and the disparity is growing. At the top of the decision-making pyramid we have the Ruling Elite. They utilize psychopolitics deliberately to influence all nine steps in the decision-making process. They control every step by: 1. Creating events and predetermining their outcome; 2. Manufacturing event details and controlling the information dissemination infrastructure; 3. Biasing the alarm faculties of common people by the selected dissemination of controlled information; 4. Molding knowledge and belief systems through ‘education’; 5. Intentionally providing the children of common people with inferior education through public instruction while Ruling Elite children attend premier schools and colleges; 6. Controlling the emotions of common people through social rhetoric and religious dogma; 7. Enacting rules and regulations that influence common peoples’ decisions based upon expected rewards and feared punishments; 8. Intimidating the decisions of ordinary people by enforcing codes, rules, and regulations with coercion, the threat of force, torture, fines, or imprisonment; and, 9. Erecting surveillance networks which have the ability to monitor the behaviours and actions of groups and individuals.”

The Legal Matrix

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