Latest and Greatest on Beating the Banksters

Commerce appears to be a game only the banksters can win. Their engaging us in it, via our working and banking is their means of controlling us. This is why cash-pay for labour, off-shore accounts, barter, community currency, etc. so frustrate the tax collectors. If we can keep their mitts off whatever means of exchange we use, they can no longer control us.

Banks are not our friends. Do not allow them access to your assets. When we are employed, we work for money and the government controls our earnings, our finances, and our lives. Increasingly, government is demanding employers to confiscate not only wages but also jobs (outsourcing). It claims to protect us from scams when the truth is they want complete access, ultimately, to all our assets. They also prefer we invest in gov’t pension plans – rather than in ourselves – in order to perpetuate their Ponzi Schemes. No one, under age 50, who paid will ever see any return. Please stop “working for a living.

Many people still want to remain under the ‘protection’ of the banks and have been programmed to believe that removing themselves from that is folly when, of course, the opposite is true. The only freedom is getting out from under their control. Initially, we can do this whilst still using their currency. Once we quit falling for their ‘fear for our survival’ programming, we will feel free to exchange only our time and talents with one another and quit using all ‘payment’ systems. Finally, we will feel safe enough and loving enough simply to do what we love to do and find a way to serve our fellows whilst doing so. When we can give our time and talents from knowing that we are all one, only then will our belief in ‘separation’ disappear.

We are on our way. This program is only the first step to our freedom. Those who express concern over the possibility of not ‘getting’ seem not to do well; those who are excited about ‘giving’ for the ultimate purpose of assisting each other in escaping our self-imposed slavery seem to do well in this activity. It will reveal to you precisely from what position you operate your entire life. If you are not doing what excites you, you are not doing what you were meant to be doing. Remember, if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.


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